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We are an Offline (Bricks) & Online (Clicks) full-service firm that helps both Small Businesses & Political Campaigns. We offer clients an array of services like guerilla marketing, branding, advertising, content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design & development.



Offline Services

It’s 2016, and the days of cold calls and direct mail is over. At Bricks Plus Clicks we offer outside the box, creative offline marketing techniques to help your small business attract new customers.

Online Services

Anyone with a computer can design a website. But can you design and market one in a way that actually attracts new customers to your business? Bricks Plus Clicks has spent years doing just this.


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We are a a full service firm, which means that we can help your company strategize and implement its marketing plan from start to finish.

Potential customers drive by your small business each day. But can they find you online? In other words: you have the bricks. But do you have the clicks?

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¬†Thousands of dollars in business are lost each week if your online store front isn’t as visible as your office’s store front. So the question isn’t whether you can afford to retain our services, but whether you can afford not to.

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